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How To Shoot The Video



1. Switch your phone to airplane mode

This will prevent you being interrupted by calls and alerts.



2. Start with a full battery

Filming and storing video files uses lots of power. If you plan to film for more than an hour you may need a portable battery pack.



3. Check your storage

Video uses lots of space on your device, make sure you have enough. This may be the time to delete some of your old apps and photographs.



4.Keep it stable

Use both hands or a selfie stick or portable tripod. If you don’t have these, try attaching your phone to something solid (a small water bottle or broom handle) with a heavy-duty rubber band or hair scrunchie. For tablets, hold securely with both hands. 

Avoid zoom on the phone

It's better to move nearer to the subject to create close-ups than it is to use the phone's zoom function.


5. Don't Forget The Audio

Get your microphone close to the sound that you want to record. Most phones are supplied with headphones with quite a good microphone. Use this to get better sound quality.



6. Use light

Film in a location which is well-lit. If it isn't well-lit naturally, use lamps to light up the subject of your video.

Consider the frame

Film in landscape rather than portrait for a more professional result. Make sure your shot looks good before you press record. If you are doing an interview, for example, and two-thirds of the shot shows the sky then you may need to adjust it so you can see more of your subject.



7. Capture cutaways

If you are doing an interview or filming a performance you would like to edit later, record ‘cutaway’ shots. These are shots you can cut to when you make an edit.



8. Plan with storyboards

If you're making content for a business or a performance, you may like to plan out your shots on a storyboard.



9. Enjoy the edit


Tip: You can use an old phone without a SIM card as a camera and connect it to wifi to export the video. You can also film on tablets and a range of other devices which have many the features of a smartphone.

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