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Why Are Videos Important For Your Presence?

Customers are ten times more likely to interact with a video than a block of text. Whether it’s to learn about a product or just for entertainment, people enjoy watching videos — and if you want to capitalize on their popularity, video social media marketing is a great strategy to adopt.

You can create videos on different social media platforms, including:





User-generated videos

User-generated videos contain content your audience creates surrounding your products or business. It’s great to share these videos because it helps you show how users interact with your products or business.

Why video social media marketing matters to your business

As you’re learning more about video social media marketing, you may wonder why it’s important to your business. Let’s take a look at four reasons to use social media videos for your business.

1. Your competitors are already using videos

If you haven’t already invested in social media videos, you’re falling behind your competition. Your competitors know the power of using social media videos to engage your audience, and they’re likely already using videos on their website and social profiles to engage their audience.



2. People enjoy videos

Videos are a popular form of social media content. People enjoy watching videos and obtaining information from them.

It’s easy to engage your audience by using videos on your social media pages. They’re more likely to engage with your social page if you use videos.



3. Videos boost engagement

Videos are great for engaging your audience and getting them to interact with your content.

Social media videos boost engagement and brand association— in fact, brand association increase by 139% after watching a video. This tool is valuable for helping you earn more leads for your business.

People love video content so much that they share it with their friends and family. In fact, 92% of people share video content with others.

Videos boost engagement because they’re an easy way for your audience to obtain information. They’re more interactive than a block of text. People enjoy watching videos because it presents the information visually, meaning it shows instead of tells you the information.



4. Videos drive results

Videos effectively help you grow your business online. Let’s look at a few statistics that show the results videos drive for your company:



As you can see, videos have a strong influence on your audience and turning leads into conversion for your business. If you aren’t using social media videos for your business, you’re missing a great opportunity to grow your business.

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